The library is a key to the world of knowledge and acquisition of knowledge will help enlighten the personality of an individual at the vital, spiritual and mental levels and will inculcate social virtues and foster intellectual development to make him a worthy citizen.

The well-equipped library is a valueable aid to young sholars.About33000 books,36 encyclopedies of different subjects,20magazines 11 newspapers and many journals are at the disposal of the students.The general library with its open as well as closed stock system and spacious reading room,provides an atmosphere conducive to the excitement of mental discovery.

Students are encouraged to become sagacious users of the library which is a temple of learning for them.The college library is computerisied where the e-granthalaya enables maintanance and acess to stock online,issuance and return of books. E-learning facilities i.e INFLIBNET(information and Library Network) and N-LIST(Nation Library and Informaton Service Infrastructure) are also available. The college provides facility of book bank to the students .